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Sita Swayamvar

 When Raja Janak and Rani Sunaina find  Sita playing with the Shiv Dhanush, which no man  had been able to lift, they  realize that only a prince who can lift the Dhanush will be her life  partner.

 As per  the traditions, all royal weddings are a    swayamvar and many rulers and brave  princes including Ram are invited to attend the ‘Swayamvar’ of Sita in Mithila.As the many  suitors fail to lift the  Dhanush, Ram is determined to  accomplish the feat which has been  tried  in vain by so many.

 When he presents  himself at the court, Raja Janak is won  over by his youth and beauty.  Without  any apparent effort, Ram lifts the  Dhanush and bends the divine bow till it  breaks!  Overwhelmed at finally finding a  suitor, Raja Janak gives Ram the hand of his beautiful  daughter, Sita. After the splendid wedding ceremony is over,Ram and Sita return to  Ayodhya!