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Bharat Milap and Raaj Tilak

Bharat Milap

The pleasant noise of airoplane -Pushpaka- reached the crowd below. There was mad rush to see Rama first. Bharata and Rama hugged each other, tears flowing down their eyes. Rama inquired about the well being of Kaikeyi first, then about his mother Kausalya and Sumitra. Kaikeyi had repented her harsh decision to send Rama to forest. In this act, she and the other two queens had become widows. The sobering effect of all these realities showed in Kaikeyi's changed behaviour of simplicity and humility. After salutations, Rama talked to them about his experiences of forest life. The story of Sita's kidnapping and Ravana's death were narrated. Hanuman and Vibhishana were introduced.

But all the three older queens were fade up with these worldly matters now! After praising the obedience and bravery of Rama, unparalleled love and sacrifice of Laxmana, and extreme suffering of Sita, they requested Rama to permit them to retreat to forest to lead life of renunciation. [This was quite natural in those days when elderly people used to renounce worldly pleasures and retire to loneliness of forest and Ashrams.

They engage themselves in the worship of God, mediation and contemplation.] 111
Reluctantly Rama agreed to their request, and thus Kausalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra left Ayodhya for forest life.

According to the legend, people welcomed them by lighting rows of clay lamps in Ayodhya. Great celebrations were held and everyone was happy for Rama to be the King of Ayodhya. This celebration took place on the night of the new moon of Ashwin (October-November). From that day onwards; people celebrate this occasion as the most delightful festival of India and of the Hindu Religion. Even today Diwali celebration means -happiness, fireworks and sweets.
Thus the festival of diwali is an honour of Rama's victory over Ravana.